With all the light from Pallars

"JUNA" means "Young" in the Esperanto language, and bright. It has the moon color.


Wine Specs

Wine grape varieties Garnatxa Blanca 65%. Chardonnay 20% i Sauvignon Blanc 15%
Wine Type Young wine
PB / Aridity 7 g/L
Residual Sugar 4 g/L
Temperature From 10º to 12º
Alcohol 14,5º
Decanting No

Techincal Information


With a very clear color and a soft yellow . The arome is floral and appear progressively allowing an in crecendo enjoyment . In the mouth , a first soft acidity own dry from the White Grenache gives way to floral aroma on the palate from Chardonnay and ending with a nice sweet fruity flavor of Sauvignon Blanc.

Vineyards Specs

The vineyards are located within a STARLIGHT reserve from UNESCO. Planted for over 20 years, soil texture ( USDA ) francoargilosa , at 550 to 650 meters. They get a lot of sun ( direct, and from the reflection of the marsh) with maximum of 40ºC and daily thermal wind . Very slow maturation in the plant due to the contrast night / day ( 15º / 20º C ) .


First comes the selection of the grapes, hand picked in boxes of 20kg from the vineyard. The second selection, the grapes are staleked and inmediately pressed, to be macerate in a controlated temperature in deposits of stainless steel (100hL) during 15 days. No liees and neither has been in contact with wood. Bottled in the winery. Bottled in the winery.