A unique intensity and flavour

Muriac means bat in the Pallarès dialect, to honor this Syrah's wine that reflects the intensity and character of the land of Pallars.


Wine Specs

Wine grape varieties Syrah. 100%
Wine Type Medium-aged: 14 months in new French oak barrels
PB / Aridity 5g/L
Residual Sugar 0,4 g/L
Temperature At 16 ºC
Alcohol 14,5º
Decanting No

Techincal Information


Cherry color with garnet rim . Aromas of ripe fruit , spicy , creamy oak, toasty, complex and mineral. Highlighting forest berries , raspberries and blackberries. The taste is powerful, rich and well balanced . When it's opened and temperature reaches 18º violet aroma arises.

Vineyards Specs

The vineyards are located within a STARLIGHT reserve from UNESCO. Planted for over 20 years, soil texture ( USDA ) francoargilosa , at 380 to 500 meters. They get a lot of sun ( direct, and from the reflection of the marsh) with maximum of 40ºC and daily thermal wind . Very slow maturation in the plant due to the contrast night / day ( 15º / 20º C ) .


First comes the selection of the grapes, hand picked in boxes of 20kg from the vineyard. The second selection, the grapes are staleked and inmediately pressed, to be macerate in a controlated temperature in deposits of stainless steel (100hL) during 15 days, fermented with selected yeasts . Pressed naturaly by gravity. Malolactic fermentation and aging in French oak barrels . Bottled in the winery.